Mediterranean Diet


Hi, my name is Rick Helvey, What is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off, while eating delicious meals and improving your health? Some say it can’t be done, many others have tried without success. You have probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet and may have even tried it. This diet has been around for millennia and continues to be the most recommended way of eating by doctors, nutritionists, and other health care providers.

In addition to overall health, the Mediterranean Diet is recommend for those with diseases ranging from depression, Alzheimer’s to diabetes and obesity related diseases. Nearly everyone I have helped has wished they had started sooner, the benefits are waiting for those who are ready to change. While there are hundreds of recipe books out there, people still struggle with fully adopting this diet. Depending on your current habits this change is difficult for a variety of reasons. It is the rare person that can pick up a recipe book and quickly and permanently change the habits of a lifetime to adopt this diet.

That is why I am giving away my Lose Weight, Feel Great Mediterranean Diet Companion Guide, which provides the perfect starting guidance. If you find this helpful you can take the next step and pick up my Lose Weight, Feel Great Mediterranean Diet book that tackles the difficult subjects and provides the answers that have helped so many others make this a permanent change. Click the link below to receive your free companion guide, and if you are not part of our Facebook Group also click that link to join. We have many active supportive members that are answering questions, sharing recipes and encouraging new members.

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